About Me

The Love Isn’t Selfish website was created by Keri Kitchen, M.Ed., L.P.C.C., N.C.C.

My Professional History

   I graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in 2003 and after completing coursework, earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in art. When I arrived home, I began working with the teen group in the church where my father served as pastor. Soon after, I became the church’s Youth Pastor, where I served until 2010.

    I was hired as a Family Preservation In-Home Therapist in 2006. It was my first job in the Mental Health field. The Family Preservation Program is based on the Home Builders model of the Institute for Family Development, and partners with the Department for Community Based Services, focusing on a strength-based approach to keeping at-risk families together. Within this job, I attended multiple trainings offered by the Institute for Family Development, as well as seminars and workshops dealing with play therapy and more. These trainings, as well as job experience doing in-home work have given me an 
advantageous view of both therapy and parenting, aiding in case conceptualization, a greater understanding of human development, and the ability to work with clients where they are by observing them in their own comfort zones.

Shortly after beginning work as a Family Preservation Therapist, I learned of a Master’s program in the area and quickly decided to apply. I graduated in December of 2008 with a Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development through Lindsey Wilson School of Professional Counseling and completed independent licensure requirements (as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) under the supervision of John Fisher, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In 2010, I received a promotion to become a county coordinator, supervising a small county office. After losing our newborn daughter in 2011 (which prompted the start of the After The Rainn blog), I resigned my supervisor position to step back and figure out how God may want to use me in new ways. I worked as an outpatient therapist until returning to the more flexible schedule of in-home work.

    Throughout my schooling and career, I have had many professional influences, through professors, supervisors, colleagues, and various theorists. Theoretically, I have found myself greatly interested in aspects of Adlerian theory and frequently utilize cognitive-behavioral and family systems approaches to therapy. Ultimately, I view the theories and techniques I use through a scriptural and spiritual framework, always striving to better understand the remarkable creations of our Heavenly Father.I believe that the counseling process revolves around improving relationships with others as well as the self. I also believe that because God’s very essence is relational, every relationship we have on earth can teach us some truth about who God is; sometimes by showing us who God isn’t. Life is a learning process. It is my desire to be of service to anyone who seeks to further their own learning by focusing on the experiences and relationships along the way.




**Please note that articles in this blog are not intended to replace mental health/counseling services. If you need more individual services, please research mental health professionals near you! If you’d like to speak with me via chat/email for a consultation, please click the link in the sidebar to your right. I look forward to speaking with you!